The articles submitted by the respected authors are first briefly reviewed by the specialized secretary of the journal and if the principles of writing scientific journals are observed, they will be discussed in the editorial board of the journal. This process takes a maximum of 10 days.
If the article is approved by the majority of the editorial board, the article will be sent for review. At this stage, the author will be notified about the approval of sending the article to the referee
After the article is submitted to Peer Review Double Blind by at least two judges, it takes about 1 to 3 months for the arbitration process to be completed and the final result to be announced to the authors.
Authors whose articles are to be reviewed must make the necessary corrections and submit a revised version of the article within 15 days. If the amendments are approved by the judges and the editorial board, the article will be sent for scientific and literary editing. At this stage, authors may also be asked to make minor changes to the article.