The relationship between self-esteem, autonomy, instructor fairness and student responsibility

ِGholam-Abbas Tavassoli; Masoud Chalabi; Davood Ebrahimpoo; Sakineh Khoramdel

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 1-36

       Abstract:   Responsibility is an important precondition of favorable social behavior and promoting student achievements. This inquiry is intended to study the factor affecting student responsibility. The independents variables in the present study include fairness, warm ...  Read More

Internet, satellite programs and religious identity (Case study of gigh school students in marvdasht)
Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016

  Religion, identity and media play major role in defining and directing the lives of young people in every community, especially in Islamic countries such asIran. Concerning the connection between religion and the media, in particular,new foreign media, many people believe that the media undermine the ...  Read More

Representation ofGender Stereotypesin the Compiled Persian Textbooks ofIranian Elementary Schools

Mostafa Abroshan; Sedigheh Arjomandi

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 7-40

  Education institutions are considered as the public recipients hosting a majority of new social members. In this paper, we have tried to explore gender discrimination through excavating the content of the compiled Persian textbooks of all cycles in elementary level and to offer relevant conceptualizations ...  Read More

The Role of Cultural and Economic Capital of Family and Type of School in Educational Performance of Students

Bijan Zarre; Farzaneh Shafiee

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 37-69

  The Role of Cultural and Economic Capital of Family and Type of School in Educational Performance of High School and Preuniversity Students Abstract: Educational performance of high school and pre-university students is one of main concerns of families. In this study, the effect of different social factors ...  Read More

Investigating the role of teachers' council in developing high-school teachers' professional skills

Faranak Omideeyan; Mahdi Pasandideh; Reza shariyan sagvandi

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 41-70

    Abstract   The present study aimed at investigating the relationship between the involvementof teachers in teachers’ council decision makingand the extent of development in their professional skills. The subjects were the whole population of the council (N= 70),and they were all male ...  Read More

A Survey of the Rate of Family Participation in Schools and its affecting Factors in Khorasan Razavi

Homa Zanjanizadeh; Homa Zanjanizadeh; Majid Danaee; Mahdi Saliminejad

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 71-101

    This paper aims to investigate the extent and level of family participation in schools of Khorasan Razavi province in 2008 and the factors affecting the amount of family participation. This is a survey with the use of descriptive – explanatory method. Population of this research is the parents ...  Read More

Phenomenological sociology of perceiving the opposite-sex friendship (Case of high-school male students in Mashhad )

Majid Danayi; simin Foroughzadeh; Hossein Behravan; simin Foroughzadeh

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 71-106

  The increasing trend of opposite-sex friendship, especially among high-school students, has raised great concerns for parents as well as Iranian officials. Notwithstanding of a dramatic growth of such a relationship in our society, its meaning is unknown for parents and officials. The present inquiry ...  Read More

Investigating Social Policy Issues in Persian Books of Elementary Education in Iran

Aliasghar Saeedi; Fatemeh Qurankish

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 107-142

      ABSTRACT     The present study aims atinvestigating the designinglevel of social policy issues in textbooks and determiningthe kind of cognitions these books tend to convey to students with respect to social policy. The study also answers the question of “what principles ...  Read More

A comparison of leisure time activities between talented and regular school students in yazd

Maryam Kian; Maryam Kian

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 139-174

  AbstractAdolescence is a period of leisure needs. Adolescents, compared to other agegroups, have more opportunities and fewer responsibilities. Leisure time is seenas a basis for socialization and identity formation during adolescencepurpose of this study is to compare the recreation of talented and ...  Read More

The Importance of Involvement in Education and the Ways to Alleviate the Shortcomings

Nematallah Matin,

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 143-176

    Abstract   The present article is extracted from a study entitled “The Ways to Promote People’s Involvement in Education with an Emphasis on School-Building Philanthropists’ Viewpoints”. This national research was carried out through descriptive method and analysis ...  Read More

National identity in sociology textbooks 1 and 2

Seyed Ziya Hashemi; Mojdeh Ghorbanalizade

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 175-207

  Abstract Much of national identity is reproduced by education. In this regard, textbooks of sociology play an important role. The aim of this study is to investigate the role of textbooks of sociology 1 and 2 in the transfer of national identity. A qualitative and quantitative content analysis approach ...  Read More

Investigating Factors Affecting Organizational Entrepreneurship in the Ministry of Education of Gillan

zahra nazarian; zahra nazarian

Volume 1, Issue 2 , March 2016, Pages 177-210

    Abstract   Entrepreneurship is considered as a major element in organization which undoubtedly plays a significant role inits improvement and success. In this regard, thepresent research aimed at investigating the relationship betweenorganizationalfactors – such as flexible structure, ...  Read More