Master's Degree in Family Counseling, Islamic Azad University, Qochan Branch, Qochan, Iran.



Objective: The purpose of the present study was to determine the effect of communication skills based on Cognitive Behavioral Approach on self-control styles of first grade adolescent girls.
Method: The statistical population was all female high school students in the academic year of 94-95. The sample consisted of 30 students who were selected through available sampling and were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. The tool used in this study was Tanji self-control questionnaire. The research design was quasi-experimental with pre-test, post-test and control group, first for both pre-test groups, then experimental intervention (communication skills) for the experimental group during 10 sessions (90 minutes each session). After completion of treatment plan, post-test was performed. Data were analyzed using multivariate analysis of covariance.
Results: The results showed that communication skills increased self-control (P <0.05) post-test compared to the control group.
Conclusion: Communication skills training based on Cognitive Behavioral Approach has effect on self-control styles of adolescent girls.