In   general, family and   school are two basic institutions who help to educate and train the child and provide the fields of growth and flourishing for the new generation. No school can be successful in upbringing students without parental feedback and assistance and mutually no parents will be able to succeed in educating and developing students without getting attention and cooperating school officials. Now if there are inconsistencies and differences in these   values, the person will be damaged in terms of emotional and personality development and the consequences of it can occur in different ways   as   anxiety, depression, violence, anger, lack of identity, discrediting values in the teenagers. It confuses them and may lead to behaviors that can disrupt the social order. Theoretical Framework of this research is based on Parsons` theory of action and social systems. The study population includes all teachers and male high school students of Ilam city. Sample size includes 218 students and 218 teachers. The research method is “survey “and the questionnaire technique and interview were used by limited questions.  First, a comparison was made on the means of every value at home and school and the assumption of the equality of averages was not approved. this reflects that there are differences between all the values of the home and the school. The importance of all these values in the school is more than the home, expect for the economic value that families pay more attention to it. Families are classified in low, medium and high categories. Most respondents are in middle class. Parental education is often a diploma, father’s occupation is in the regular government and business staff and mothers are often housewives and so many of them have a private home. No differences were seen in terms of the coherence of values between these classes and school values and the social class does not affect this   consistency. Finally, in this article, the necessity of the differences of the similar values of the home and the school is discussed and also the challenges and the solution for them is reviewed.