1 Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Sciences, Farhangian University of Iran, Tehran, Iran.

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Sciences, Farhangian University, Tehran, Iran.

3 Master student, Personality Psychology, University of South Tehran, Tehran, Iran.



The aim of this study was to predict relationship satisfaction based on communication documents and marital standards among married women in West Tehran health centers. The present research design is a descriptive type of prediction. The population of this study included all married women in Tehran, from which 150 people were selected by purposive-voluntary sampling and answered the Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS), Communication Document Index (RAM) and Special Relationship Standards Questionnaire (ISRS). . Data were analyzed using Pearson correlation and multiple regression statistical methods by SPSS 25 software. The results of correlation analysis showed that communication documents were negatively and significantly correlated and marital standards were positively and significantly correlated with relationship satisfaction. Multiple Grace analysis also showed that only liability-blame documents could predict negative and significant relationship satisfaction. According to the results, the reduction of responsibility-blame documents is important in forming a better evaluation of the romantic relationship between.